About Adam

“A true leader in the social space and a huge asset to any company.” – Kevin Bauer, VP Bluestem Brands, Inc

Adam helps brands be their best by helping them unlock the powers of trust to be more impactful in their digital marketing efforts. By using social media effectively, brands can benefit their customers by being authentic and developing a stronger relationship with them. Adam advises brands on social customer service, content marketing, and influencer marketing.

Adam Buchanan:

  • Author of The Never Ending Cocktail Party, social media strategies for business
  • Initiated the social media program at Columbia Sportswear
  • Launched the inaugural influencer marketing program for Columbia Sportswear
  • Interviewed consumer brands on Live video including Altra Footwear, Gregory Packs, Goal Zero, Teton Sports, LifeStraw, and many more
  • Sprout Social official ambassador
  • Advisor to retail and consumer brands
  • Speaker at Socialmedia.org
  • Built the social media strategy for Cabela’s

About Adam

Adam started helping companies grow their brand using social media when the rules of digital marketing were still being written. Brands weren’t sure how to manage a Facebook page and the write way to manage a blog. We were all learning together and pioneering the space together.

Adam helped brands define best practices on how to build a community and do social media the right way. Adam started in the outdoor retail industry and has since helped brands in healthcare, higher education, consumer goods, and wellness.

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