As my wall continues to fill up with Christmas cards I realize it’s my turn to update our friends and family with a family update. While this is a ‘digital’ update I hope you enjoy it. Currently we live in Denver, Colorado and are enjoying the 300 days of sun and awesome snow storms.

buchanan update


Our youngest Max is a complete character. He has found his entertaining skills and knows how to use them. He is the life of the party and if there isn’t a party, he finds a party. He enjoys following his two older siblings and is doing his best to keep up. He builds something everyday out of this magnet tiles and quickly destroys it followed up with a roar. He is all boy.


Beckham started school and is a king at math. He does math homework for his older sister with ease. He also is an entertainer and has a naturally contagious sense of humor. He is a master lego Minecraft builder and will most likely re-design all the buildings in the world when he grows up while being a part time stand up comedian (just my prediction).


Our oldest daughter can be found behind all the famous chapter books. We often catch her late at night reading which as parents, is a good problem to have. While she is still young we expect her to become a teenager anytime soon and then a college grad soon after. She is very smart and balances it with a savvy sense of humor. She loves to take care of her younger brothers and proudly wears the name ‘big sister’.


Lisa has been busy raising the kids and creating awesome art projects all year. She has a great work space and has enjoyed tinkering with projects including and definitely not limited to; rice bags, slippers, bullet cufflinks, personalized metal, quilts, and her personal favorite hair styling. She continues to welcome friends and family into our home to cut their hair and thoroughly enjoys connecting with them and helping them find a great hair style. I usually am home during these hair appointments and it’s very nostalgic from our newly married days in college when she had 5-8 appointments a week often going until midnight.

antler rack

Lisa’s Christmas present to me; a bike antler rack. It’s my favorite thing of all time. 

Lisa completed a 65 mile bike tour with her parents this summer in Boise, Idaho. She loves her road bike and can’t wait to hit the road this spring. Lisa also got us started in beekeeping this spring and it has been one of the funnest hobbies we’ve done together as a family. We enjoy our beekeeping dates dressed head to toe in white and bee face nets.

beekeepking date

One of our beekeeping dates in the backyard. 

Lisa continues to amaze me. She has an incredible spirit that her friends from high school easily remember. To those that know Lisa from when she was young, she is still an absolutely creative and caring person. She is an incredible mother to our kids and I’ll forever be grateful she said ‘yes’ when I proposed 10 years ago.


I work at Cabela’s in their digital marketing department. I manage the social media there and am coming up on my two years this April. It’s one of my favorite companies that I’ve worked for. I’ve very impressed with how they’ve really wanted to try new things in social media and allowed my team to do some cool stuff. This summer I had the privilege of speaking at a conference in Chicago representing Cabela’s. It was a great experience and I was honored to represent the company.

Lisa and I have really enjoyed road biking and logged almost 1,000 miles on our bikes this summer. We started hiring a babysitter in the afternoons to watch our kids while we ride and it’s been our best dates in our marriage.

road bike date

Riding in Idaho – Our Colorado lungs worked like a charm on this 65 mile ride. 

I wear bright red glasses and they’ve become my trademark. If I take them off at work people don’t recognize me. I assume I’ll wear them until the day I die, which I’m good with. I’m back to writing, primarily here on my website, about social media and beekeeping. I’m looking forward to starting a podcast in the new year about social media business tips.

I love being a father. It’s the hardest most rewarding scariest thing I’ve ever done. While a lot of my friends on Instagram are posting skydiving and skiing photos, I’m happy to snap a shot of me and the kiddos messing around in the garden. I’ve really enjoyed archery and look forward to more hunting trips next year. When I come home late I usually fire up the lantern and shoot a couple arrows to stay sharp.

Merry Christmas from the Buchanans!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy time with your friends and family. Have a great new year and if we haven’t met in real life hopefully we can change that in 2015.

buchanan update 2